A Pretty Way to Show Off Your Address

I love making boxes out of  fence boards. I prefer to find the boards with some chunks out of them.  :)

This time I painted the box using white paint dipped in water to give it a white-washed look.

I learned from Denise at Pink Postcard to use freezer paper as a stencil.

I found these stencils for $1 at The Dollar Tree.


I laid out my address numbers and taped them onto the freezer paper.  I then traced around each number.

I cut out the numbers using a sharp Exacto knife. 

As you can see, the insides of the "8" got cut out too, so I used a couple of felt dots on the inside.

After I removed the stencil, I decided that the numbers were too dark.  I added more watered down paint  to the entire front of the box.


  I sprayed some clear sealer on it and added some mums.  I will take another picture of this in a few days when the mums are all blooming.  Lowe's didn't have any of the little ones that were blooming, but I needed the smallest pots possible and they were so cheap, that I couldn't pass them up.  :) 


Thanks so much for coming by!


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