Renting Textbooks = Happy Parents + A Mama Bird

With two kids in out of state colleges, expenses are incredibly high.  My son decided to take a couple of classes this summer.  Imagine our surprise when the professor let him know that he needed the book, "Modern Industrial Organization" that costs $180!

We checked out and the exact book  can be rented for the summer for $29.74.  They not only have amazing prices, they also offer free shipping both ways!  We will definitely be ordering from them right away.

If you want big savings on book rentals, be sure to check them out!

**Update on the book rental.  I ordered it on Tuesday night and it was delivered to my son 800 miles away on Friday morning!  Great service!!

I am so thrilled that my birdhouses provide shelter for many birds during the summer.  The other night I was outside and was lucky enough to get a picture of the mama bird feeding her babies.  Boy did they squawk when she got close!!

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