Burlap Table Runner--PB Look @ DIY Price

A few weeks ago I was in Pottery Barn and found a jute table runner.  I had been looking for one and was very happy to find it on sale.  I brought it home and it was way too big for my table.  I love the texture of jute, burlap, etc and kept looking for one, but didn't want to pay lots and lots.... Last night I saw this post by Kristen @ Ella Claire Inspired and was so excited to make a runner myself.
I went to JoAnn's today and bought 4 yards of burlap.  I followed Kristen's directions and it turned out great!
I started out by washing it with Tide and some bleach to get rid of the smell.  I had to do a second load with a little more Tide and two rinses.  It still smelled a little, but wasn't horrible.  I took it outside and draped it over some chairs for about an hour.  Before I brought it back in the house, I really tried to shake it out.  There were burlap fibers flying everywhere!  :)

I then did a rough measurement of it, pulled a string from it and cut carefully along that line.  I cut it down the middle with the same technique.  Because it was so long, the string broke a couple of times.  I put on my reading glasses (haha!) and used a pin to find the string and started carefully pulling it again.  Once I had it out, I again carefully cut lengthwise.  I made it about 20" wide by 90" long for my 80" table.

I ironed it with my eurosteam.  I tried to use a normal iron set on Silk, as Kristen did, but wasn't getting anywhere.  It came out nice and smooth this way.
I set it on the table and did a final measurement.    I cut it so it'd hang a few inches over the edge of the table.  After that, I carefully pulled about 8 strings off, one at a time, to make the fringe.  This part was really easy.

And that was it!! 
I paid $10 for the burlap and can make two runners.  $5 for a runner is perfect in my book!  It sure beats paying $50 for the one at Pottery Barn.  Thank you Kristen!
I was in Michael's today and found this bird/candle holder for 90% off. 
I added some topiaries that I made and now have a simply decorated table for fall.  Now if I can just keep the cat out of there....  :)

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