Floored! And a Winner!


When we moved into this house a few years ago, we were thrilled that it had gorgeous walnut floors.  We had Max, our 90 pound chocolate lab, who was pretty hard on them, but we decided that we loved him more than anything and would deal with the floors later.  As many of you know, he passed away a couple of months ago.  We knew it was time to have the floors redone and had a trip scheduled to see our son at college, so the timing was perfect. 

To get ready for them to do the floors, we had to remove everything from every room. We decided that it would be a perfect time to paint. We spent two FULL weekends painting, painting, painting.   The walls used to be a yellowish/sand color on the walls and ceiling. 

It's kind of hard to see the difference, but now the walls are now linen and the ceilings are white.

We finished painting last Sunday and the floor guys showed up Monday morning.  When we got home Monday night, there was some sort of film all over.  It looked weird! 

When we got home Tuesday, the floors were sanded and looking fab!

We left for vacation Wednesday morning, right before they started all of the stinky stuff.  They worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  When we got home tonight  (Sunday), the floors looked great and the smell was horrible!  We did have a friend open a window for us while we were gone, but as soon as we got home, every window in the house got opened!  We will spend the next couple of days putting everything back together.

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